The main objective of the Law that regulates Real Estate Professional Agents in the State of Baja California Sur, is to regulate real estate activities carried out in the State by professional agents. This guarantees the legal security in Real Estate transactions of the estate for both parties involved in the transaction, the one entrusted and those who invest in real estate through any legal entity.

The recognition and dissemination of the professionalization of those who carry out real estate activities in the State will be public through a State Register of Professional Real Estate Agents who have been licensed and who have complied with the requirements. Their experience and expertise of subjects related to the real estate activity must be proved to be accredited by public or private education institutions.

Natural persons and Legal persons carrying out real estate transactions in assets that are their property are exempted of the compulsory license and they shall not be bound in terms of this Law.

Real Estate Transaction is defined as: The act of intermediation, tending to the conclusion of a contract of sale, lease, share-cropping, donation of assets, gratuitous loan, trust, or any other contract to transfer ownership, use or usufruct of real estate, as well as the promotion, administration, marketing and consulting of the same.

Those legal entities whose commercial activities are not real estate transactions are also exempt of the compulsory license, as long as the transactions are of assets of their property.



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